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How’s your driving? MileUp™ tells you. Download the app, and get your driving stats to find out if you’re an excellent, average, or uh-oh driver. Your driver dashboard helps you understand exactly how you’re doing behind the wheel through stats on speed, handling and phone usage. The better you do, the better your driver style. The goal? Use this info to understand how you can help make driving safer for everyone on the road.

APP MISSION Drive. Do Some Good.

MileUp uses your phone’s sensors to track your driving activity – like how far you travel, when you are driving, or how many stops you make.

At Agero (that’s us, the company behind the app), we’re focused on driver safety services and are pioneering new ways to keep drivers safe.  By sharing your driving data, you’re helping us improve our accident detection technology and make driving safer for everyone on the road.

Safe driving!

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