Sweepstakes are Here!

We’ve heard your feedback of wanting bigger and better prizes, and as a thank you for helping our mission to make driving safer, we’ve upped the ante on our rewards and are rolling out sweepstakes.

As of March 2, use the points you earn for every mile you drive to enter to win prizes like cars, gadgets, vacations, cash and more!

Want more points? Visit the app today and double your balance by swapping your points to sweepstakes. Then, start entering to win!

Good news, if you’re not ready to swap your points for sweepstakes yet, you can still use your existing points to redeem gift cards. If you don’t have enough points to get the gift card you want, don’t worry. Soon you’ll have the option to round up your balance to cash out for the next available reward. Check back for this update in a few weeks.

As a reminder, the MileUp app is intended for those 18 years and older. Now that we’re implementing Sweepstakes, the app is rated 17+ in the App Store and will only be available to those over 17.

If you are under 17, you will no longer be able to update the app and therefore cannot earn points or redeem your existing points balance. For any questions, email support@mileup.ai.

If you have any questions take a look at our FAQ’s page.

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